Our New House in Durango!

After enduring a stressful moving-truck loading experience in Portland (that’s truly one for the books), we finally took to the road late into the evening on Saturday, Nov. 17. But once we were on the road and endured some rain and a little snowfall past La Grande leaving the green state of Oregon, the rest of the road trip was smooth sailing. Highlights of the road trip and photos will be posted on our travel blog sometime this week, but for now I’ll just say that we were wowed by one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen in a long time as we drove through Boise, Idaho.

We arrived in Durango on Monday the 19th just in time to see the sun set in our new forested backyard, and breathed a large sigh of relief! A large U-Haul moving truck, our Toyota Tacoma and our Subaru Outback survived the drive — along with their occupants: the Gotchers, my sister Carol from Vail, and my wondefully helpful Mom Yolanda! We spent the rest of the week, including enjoying an amazing Thanksgiving meal, with our dear friends Darren & Valerie McKinnis, who got their way and lured us out here in the first place.

Friday morning as we woke up to start the serious unpacking at our new home, we were welcomed by a fresh blanket of six-plus inches of puffy powdery snow! What a dream come true! Even though we still have lots of unpacking to do, we feel so, so blessed to be here, to have arrived safely and to spend Thanksgiving in the company of great friends. We will miss our Portland pals, but we are very grateful that God has brought us back to the state we have always felt we could call home.

More soon!

— Renée Gotcher