This is a new practice for me: Making a habit of thanksgiving. As I look back at this week’s list, some captured through the camera’s eye and others quickly tapped into my iPhone, I can see that I haven’t quite slowed down enough to take note of all His gracious gifts. I know there were many more, but I have to start somewhere… 

Elise’s amazing sense of humor in the middle of an educational “a-ha” moment

Feet puppet fun with my entertaining Elise — just the two of us!

Audrey’s sheer joy in reaching her goal

Watching my budding artists at work

Claire reaching out to befriend a shy classmate

Elise savoring a “secret” treat of pink cake-pop on our coffee date

The crackling foam of a home brewed cappuccino

Elise’s girly pink fashion sensibility

Elise’s warm body curling up on the couch with me, playing with my hair, lulling me to sleep

A familiar routine resurrected, strangely comforting

Whisking up chocolate chip pancakes for my little angels

Watching an old movie classic with new (3D) eyes, buttery sweet popcorn bites, sitting next to my growing-up-too-fast girls

My big girl being brave for me, coaxing me to sleep in my room again, right at my side