Music has always been important to me. Whether it’s a message communicated to me, a melody that captures a memory, or an expression of my own heart, music speaks to me louder than words.

Importance of Worship

That’s why I think it’s really important to worship God with music and why I’ve made worship a regular part of my day. Starting with my morning routine, worship invites the presence of God into my day and sets the tone for viewing my day with grateful thanksgiving.

MYB-NEW-August-2013-Blog-Button-180x180Join me at Managing Your Blessings, where I share my complete post “Sing a New Song: The Importance of Worship.” Find out why worship is such an important part of our personal relationship with the Lord, what God’s Word says about worship, and how a busy mom can make time for worship everyday.

How do you define worship? What ways to do you worship God on your own? Does music speak to you? Do you think worship through songs is important? Why or why not? Share your thoughts about worship in the comments below.