I can’t remember the first time I heard about the idea of choosing a “word of the year” to represent your mission for the upcoming new year. But I do remember thinking that would be really hard for me. How can all of the goals on my resolution list boil down to just one word? And what’s the point of choosing just one word for the new year anyway?

Then God put a very specific word in my heart to sum up what my mission should be for the upcoming year after surviving a very challenging one (see “Saying Goodbye to Superwoman.”) And I realized that for me, the difference between making another resolutions list for the new year or letting God put a word on my heart was about focus. Choosing a word for the year is about having a singular mission vs. a laundry list of improvements that, to be honest, probably never change much from year to year.

Join me at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing my post, “Should You Choose a Word for the New Year?” What was the word God gave me to focus on that year? How does having a word for the year change your perspective? Read my full post here.

Should You Choose a Word for the New Year?

Have you ever chosen a word for the year, or are you a resolutions list maker? What else do you do to plan and prepare for an upcoming year? What scriptures have been particularly insightful to you as you pray for direction for this new year?