Trusting God and waiting on His answers has always been challenging for me as a Type A recovering perfectionist mama. However, I have learned through navigating some difficult life storms how vital God’s instructions are to our heart strength and even physical well-being — especially when it involves waiting on Him and having courage in the process (Psalm 27:14).

A few years ago, I had a physical panic attack for the first time — an experience that dominoed into a year of anxiety-induced health challenges that left me broken like never before. Although God was faithful to bring wise people and medical solutions into my path to support my road to recovery, I realized that there were areas of my life that I was not trusting God to take care of. Even though I talked the talk of a believer walking in faith, I learned through this experience what it means to truly LET GO and let God show up in every aspect of my life, including my health and how I mother my daughters.

Join me at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing my story about battling with physical anxiety and other anxieties of motherhood. Find out how God answered me when I let go and let Him take the reins in my life — for real. Read the full post here.

Heart Weary With Anxiety?

Do you struggle with physical or emotional anxiety in your life? What parenting fears hold you back from experiencing freedom as a mom? Have you experienced any trust breakthroughs along the way?