Grounded for the Summer: Why I’m Forever Grateful

Summers-That-Changed-UsOften the process of being molded by God starts with a pile of crushed pieces, remnants of our self destruction, that He lovingly repurposes for HIS greater glory. And then we break, and He rebuilds, and our faith becomes more resilient with each step in our transformation.

I remember my first “crush” — and by crush, I mean having my dreams and desires utterly demolished. It was the summer of 1988, and like any typical 15-year-old high school girl, I couldn’t wait to spend it hanging out with my BFFs on the cheerleading squad. This would be my summer to finally have fun with the “in” crowd, or so I thought.

God had a different plan.

Find out what happened when I was grounded for the summer — and why I’m forever grateful for this discipline — at Managing Your Blessings, where the writing team is sharing about summers that changed us. We relive our life lessons with you, sharing how God shaped us through these unforgettable summer experiences. Read my complete post here


Have you experienced a life-changing summer? Can you identify pivotal moments that radically changed your course? What did you learn that you can share with others now?


Parenting Teens: The Battle of Independence vs. Authority

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen this parent-teen conflict pop up on Facebook:

“My teenage daughter is addicted to her phone, and if we take it away for punishment, she acts like her life is over! Advice anyone?”

Although the technology has changed, the battle between teen independence vs. parental authority is nothing new.

My eldest daughter turned 13 earlier this year, and I’ve been seeking wisdom in this area for some time now. Last month I shared about four common fears we must overcome when parenting our tweens and teens. This month, at a local homeschool conference I attended in Colorado, I had the chance to sit in on an insightful session about how to handle the independence vs. authority battle with Godly wisdom and love.


MYB-ContributorJoin me over at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing Ten Tips for Parenting Teens: Independence vs. Authority. This list represents what I’ve been learning recently from other wise homeschooling parents and scriptures I’ve been studying about diligent parenting and preparing your teen for adulthood. Join me there for my complete post!

Are you in the midst of parenting tweens or teens? What are your greatest challenges? What advice would you give other moms approaching the teen parenting years?


Parenting Fears to Overcome with Tweens & Teens

When our children are young, danger is obvious. The guidance we provide is very tangible, and saying “no” is part of daily life. However, as our children enter the tween and teen years and begin to develop their own judgement, setting rules and guidelines for them gets more complicated.

We have three daughters, and my eldest just turned 13 this year. My natural tendency is to shield her from the many pitfalls of youth, however that instinct to protect can become easily clouded by my own fear. Some concerns are appropriate; however, many fears are the result of lack of faith about God’s role in the lives of our children.


MYB-ContributorJoin me over at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing what I’ve learned about four common parenting fears that hold us back as Christians when parenting tweens & teens. Overcoming these fears and developing a deeper trust in the Lord and His plans for our children will help us not only survive, but thrive during this new stage of parenting!

Click here for the full post.

 Are you in the midst of parenting tweens & teens? What are you most excited about? What are your greatest fears? What changes (if any) have you made in your parenting strategy as your children mature?